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hippy, alt rock, stoner rock, grunge rock, skeleton, Gibson bass, bass player, singer, vocals


Drums, dream symbols, stoner rock, grunge rock, 90's rock, 90's music, professional drum lessons


rockstar, fender guitar, keyboard, grunge rock, stoner rock, alt rock, 90's rock, 90's music

SKELETON CLUB, grunge rock, stoner rock, 90's rock, hippies, new age rock, skeletons, live band

$KELETON CLUB combines modern pop sensibilities with a commanding rhythmic foundation to create  a thumping bed of sound with layers of fuzzy guitar lines, shimmery synth sections, and charming vocal melodies. Rising from the graves of Montreal, $KELETON CLUB finds new ways to draw upon the gut-rumbling pulse of hip-hop with the bombastic energy of rock  ‘n’ roll to craft a style of psychedelia driven pop best-suited to loud house parties and mildly inappropriate festival stages. Keep your ears peeled for an $ club party near you as $KELETON CLUB prepares for the release of their debut LP, “Death, Love, &  Money”.  

SKELETON CLUB, grunge rock, stoner rock, 90's music, beer, alt rock, rockstars, live band, skeleton
chicken burger, skeletons, 90's rock, grunge rock, stoner rock, jerseys, jukeboxes, live band